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It's hard to tell someone that their hair-doo is straight out of the 80s or that even flies want nothing to do with them. Now you can send an anonymous "I have something to tell you" email with an option to get a reply back. It's fast. It's fun and best of all... It's FREE!

Thanksgiving Poo

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About PooMail
If you have questions about PooMail you have come to the right place.

Happy PooMail
Email an instant Poo postcard. A fun way to tell someone their 'neeto' with out letting them know who you are!

Mad PooMail
Ever want to email an anonymous message giving them a piece of your mind? Let a humorous PooMail handle it!

Birthday PooMail
Stuck on what to give? Why not wish them a happy one in a memorable way!

Holiday PooMail
Send scheduled Poos on each special day!

PooMail Goodies
Games that are sure to boggle your mind. You never know what you will find here so keep checking!

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