Back after 5 years of sitting on the pot!!!

We first lifted the seat in 1999, pooped a few years and then got all clogged up. Well we are exactly the same as before with better performance and encryption.

PooMail sprung out of the need to inform people to "KNOCK IT OFF",
or tell them how great they are anonymously.

At PooMail you can dish it out the funny and creative way. We provide you with the option to send an anonymous email or include your name and/or email address. Either way, it's a lot of fun!!!

A few quick things that we would like to point out:
  1. PooMails are free. Use of our service is 100% your decision. See our TOS for more details.

  2. PooMails are anonymous. The recipient will not have access to your email address ever. They may see your name if you wish them to.

  3. If you provide your email address with no name, the recipient will be able to reply without knowing who they are replying to.

  4. PooMail should never be used maliciously. Persons who are easily offended or hanging by a mental thread should not be a recipient. Use your good judgement.

  5. Abuse of the service will cause you to be banned from our site. If you wish to be blocked from receiving PooMails, please go here.

See our FAQs for more detailed info.

Got something you'd like to tell us...

Our Terms of Service.


no mailing lists EVER!

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